There is basically a private space.

Most share houses are operated by diverting buildings that were formerly dormitories, condominiums, and ordinary private houses.

Residents basically live in their own private rooms and share only the living, kitchen, toilet, bath, washing machine and other facilities. It is also popular because it is possible to use a spacious shared space with the same level of rent as a one-room property, and to use various facilities.

Of course, the most interesting part is the natural interaction with other residents through the use of the shared space. Various points of contact are born from residents of various industries and careers that have no contact in everyday social life, starting from shared living facilities.

You will sign lease contract, as with ordinary rental properties.

Basically, a share house is a rental house with communication, so when you move in, a rental contract is signed between the operator and the resident.

When moving in, the mainstream is to pay deposit. Deposits are often contracted upon return, but some contracts are not returned if the room facilities are damaged. Of course, in addition to the deposit, you will pay a monthly rent.

The rent market price varies depending on the location, facilities, and various added value as well as general rental. The price of the share house depends on the property.

Period of rental contract

The rental contract period varies depending on the operator. As with regular rental properties, the tenant pays the operator for the next month every month. The payment method is gusset for each operating company, such as bank transfer, personal delivery, credit card.

In general, when moving out, it is necessary to inform the operator about one month or more before the departure date, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded. Also, it is unlikely that paid rent will be refunded just because you move out earlier than planned.

Utilities and utilities are included in the rent, separately billed monthly for a fixed amount, or billed monthly by dividing by the number of residents.

In this way, there are many parts that differ depending on the operator, such as contracts and fee payment relationships and management styles. Make sure to check it when you sign up.

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