What kind of place is a share house? If you are a beginner, please click here first.

The lifestyle with appropriate communication between a wide range of residents from students (international students) to working adults. All the rooms in J&S HOUSE are made in individual design, so you can find a room with is better matches you.

Maybe a share house will solve your complaint…

  • Living alone is lonely and boring. You want to live more happily.
  • You are worried about living alone.
  • You want contacts with people from various industries and careers who can interact naturally with a sense of distance.
  • You are interested in sharing rooms and sharehouses between individuals, but worried about something.
  • You want to have a solid kitchen and living room.

In this section, we will explain the share house system and actual life for those who are not familiar with share houses.

     ーStructure of share house

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