First of all, It seems that other residents are suspicious people, so at least it is necessary to introduce yourself or greet them.

Next, do not pollute common areas and facilities. Even if it is a little for you, it can be very eye-catching for others.

Keep it clean for the next person after using the kitchen, bath or toilet. it will barre who dirty this or that place. So be careful!!!

It is also NG to put personal items in the hallway. If everyone did the same thing, any share house would quickly become a trash house. There will be an explanation of the common storeroom when you move in, so let’s put your luggage there.

At a minimum, you need to be aware that no matter how long you live, you live in the same space as other people. The cause of the biggest trouble is that they are reluctant to stay with each other.

In case of troubleー               ーWhat is a dormitory?

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