Aiby Shimizugaoka

  Breadth Rent General Fee Deposit Room A (1F) dormitory 12.4㎡ ¥28000 ¥8000 ¥20000 Room B (2F) dormitory 16.5㎡ ¥23000 ¥8000 ¥20000 ※Each room has 2 beds Access Keihinkyukou Line. Minamioota st. within 14 min.   Yokosuka Line. Hodogaya st. within 10 min.   Address: Kanagawa Yokohama-shi Minami-ku Shimizugaoka 76-14 ” Kawaii” share house Each […]

Good/ Bad points of share house

What is GOOD about sharing house life? There is a TV in comon space, so you often can meet someone Since you can touch different people’s lives and different worlds, you can expand your horizons You can have some communication other than work or study, so you can feel changes everyday When there is a […]

What is a dormitory?

Some share houses offer shared-style rooms called “dormitories”. In most cases, there are multiple beds in the room, and the space that each individual can use freely depends on the property, but rents are often set at a lower price than private rooms. Because there are more opportunities to interact with other residents than in […]

Important points of living

First of all, It seems that other residents are suspicious people, so at least it is necessary to introduce yourself or greet them. Next, do not pollute common areas and facilities. Even if it is a little for you, it can be very eye-catching for others. Keep it clean for the next person after using […]

In case of trouble. . .

It is no exaggeration to say that troubles occur because many people live in share house life. Because there are many people who do not visit the share house manager, the operator often does not notice the problem until it becomes serious. As we do not know when troubles among residents or problems with property […]

What is life like?

Most of the residents in the share house are usually busy with their own private and work, so their daily lives are basically different. However, if there is a timing in contact with each other in the life, flowers may be blooming in the conversation, and parties and drinking parties may be held if the […]

Who lives there?

There are really many people in the share house, but the following are the most common (there are many others). Very ordinary member of society (company employee) * Most majority * A member of society who is working as a sole proprietor at SOHO etc. Working adults with overseas residence experience Foreign students from Europe, […]

Structure of share house

There is basically a private space. Most share houses are operated by diverting buildings that were formerly dormitories, condominiums, and ordinary private houses. Residents basically live in their own private rooms and share only the living, kitchen, toilet, bath, washing machine and other facilities. It is also popular because it is possible to use a […]

Introduction to Share House

What kind of place is a share house? If you are a beginner, please click here first. The lifestyle with appropriate communication between a wide range of residents from students (international students) to working adults. All the rooms in J&S HOUSE are made in individual design, so you can find a room with is better […]