Breadth Rent General Fee Deposit
Room A (1F) dormitory 12.4㎡ ¥28000 ¥8000 ¥20000
Room B (2F) dormitory 16.5㎡ ¥23000 ¥8000 ¥20000

※Each room has 2 beds

Access Keihinkyukou Line. Minamioota st. within 14 min.
  Yokosuka Line. Hodogaya st. within 10 min.


Address: Kanagawa Yokohama-shi Minami-ku Shimizugaoka 76-14

” Kawaii” share house

Each room at Aiby Shimizugaoka has a unique design, creating an atmosphere that makes you forget the reality. Aiby Shimizugaoka, located in a quiet residential area, which let you concentrate on your studies and work!

Each room has a bed and bedding, a table and chairs where you can study and work, and a storage space (with keyed valuables). The private space is perfectly secured because the bed is surrounded by curtains!


The communal space, dining / kitchen, bath, toilet, and communal space in each room have all the daily necessities necessary for living (refrigerator, IH stove, rice cooker, microwave, tableware). Two to three cleanings per week are performed by the cleaning staff, so those who are busy with studying or working can concentrate on each.

※Free Wi-Fi


This property has a number lock and TV monitor phone at the front door. In addition, a security camera with a recording function is installed outside, so you can live with peace of mind even with women. In order to avoid daily troubles, there is a telephone and e-mail correspondence and a storage space for valuables (with lock) in each room.

Neighboring facilities

Shimizugaoka park : 1 min. on foot (pool, tennis court)

Minamioota post office : 10 min. on foot

convenience store (LAWSON) : 2 min. on foot

supermarket (Maibasketto) : 6 min. on foot

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